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Experience moulds our professions. 

What can we do for you?

A young, energetic team with a lot to offer regarding a fresh perspective, creativity, and a can-do attitude. Having a background in tourism management and both successfully operated lodges in Africa. 

We are looking for interesting establishments and attractions that need some social ‘buzz’ created around their service, amongst other things.

We are very interested in working with entities who practice eco-tourism, and for those who aren’t and would perhaps need some assistance to see what greening principles they could install to benefit them and their community; we would love to help.  

We would like to offer our services in three ways:

  • Firstly, working together and getting a feel for your brand we can create a package of unique stock photographs you can use to brand your service online. Images you would feel confident using on your website and social media. 
  • Secondly, we would be grateful to have the opportunity to be ambassadors for your brand, taking on an influencer role through our social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As well as through our blog.
  • Lastly, throughout our journey, we will be looking for volunteer work. We will be open to trading a hard days work for a bed and a meal. It’s well known that South Africans are hard workers and we welcome you to challenge us on that. We don’t mind getting dirty.
Also, if we could assist you in any way regarding your green/ eco-friendly principles, we would be honored to support you and draw up a plan. Bare in mind; this would require some time and detailed research into your operations. 




Hiking about in Uljin with friends. Location: Uljin South Korea. January 2017. Photographer: Sean B Kruger
Work with us
Work with us
Work with us
Work with us
Work with us
Work with us
Work with us

Photography by Sean Boyd KrugerCheck out my 500px account.

We welcome the chance of working together, to help improve your tourism service within your community. 

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