Our Slice of Life in Video. A visual diary of moments during our Daring Affair.

Breakfast in Vietnam

Our first VLOG! Eating a typical Hanoian breakfast, Bánh cuốn (Ben Gun) and something a little more special, Known as ‘balut’ in the Philippines and ‘hột vịt lộn’ in Vietnam.~Bánh cuốn is a thinly steamed pancake made from fermented rice batter, it is filled and rolled with a mixture of cooked and seasoned ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, and minced shallots. The dish is served with chả lụa (Vietnamese pork sausage), sliced cucumber, and bean sprouts, with the dipping sauce which is fish sauce called nước chấm. (It is Delicious)~hột vịt lộn is a fetal duck embryo that has been fertilized for 14-21 days and then boiled or steamed. It’s a common snack all over Vietnam and rather more delicious than it looks. It is served with salt, ginger and Vietnamese coriander to enhance the taste. (These two dishes are a ‘must eat’ when visiting Vietnam.) (Next, We look forward to trying the elusive fetal quail eggs)