“Without Adventure, there would be no Affair.”

– A Daring Affair

What we’re all about.

A Daring Affair is a travel blog and website comprised of documenting our adventures and sharing the best tips we can from our own experiences. We have saved up to travel and are not looking for a holiday, we are aiming to provide a service through our blog, to improve tourism and ultimately make travel more sustainable while tempting you to join us in the adventure with tantalising visual media and well-composed blogs. 

About us

Hellooo fellow Affairians!  
I’m Soph, the mothereffing Chief Magician…’s wife, here at A Daring Affair.
You probably want to check out the more important things here on our website, but sit tight and let’s break the ice first.  Most of my friends think I’m loony, but it’s just because I am insanely (#seewhatididthere) passionate about living life to the fullest.  I am an animal activist, delicious food maker, thrill seeker, health enforcer, husband-supporter, you-motivator, best friend maker, crappy model, bad joke-teller, laugh-sharer, dishwasher, blanket-kidnapper, peanut butter fiend, co-conspirator, dive buddy and a little obsessed with trying out new things. I enjoy splurging on experiences, not things, trying my best to live an unusually simple life. This philosophy helps me maintain a happy-go-lucky attitude which has, in turn, allowed me to embark on this risky endeavor with ‘my person.’   So, now that the ice is broken- wanna say hi?  Nice.  There are a few ways you can get in touch: 

You can shoot me an email through our contact page.  
You can stalk my pictures on Instagram or follow me on Pinterest and even on LinkedIn or Twitter.
And, to add to that awesomeness, if you find yourself in the same location as us, just shout. I’d love to get in touch.  

A few things you probably didn’t know about me: 

  • I got all my wisdom teeth cut and forcefully yanked out by an unhinged, small town dentist. For 6 bucks a tooth. In the chair. Yikes. 
  • I accidentally entered Swaziland illegally a few years ago (not to my knowledge), and then proceeded to have an angry man yell at me about it. 
  • I worked in a then-rural area of Mozambique with no running water or electricity for a year. 
  • I am super competitive, it’s sad I know, but  I LOVE WINNING!!


About us

Hello all, apparently I am the Mothereffing magician of this whole website according to the lady with the schnoz! LOL. As Sophia previously mentioned, we are fortunate enough to be traveling together, since together we are a ridiculous yet formidable team (thank goodness ;)). 

I’m known to be a pretty damn clumsy guy and always find a way to add some sort of injury to a trip. Good thing I’m also a positive guy, to see that the scars leave a visual reminder of where I have been and make for a fun story to tell.  Also, it’s a good thing that Soph is around as the level headed one to save me from bleeding out.  

I have an absolute passion for photography, being able to share the world the way I see it through a well-framed photo, is an expression of myself.  It is through this passion that I hope to provide you, the subscriber (wink,wink) with snippets of my world and inspiration to explore your own.  

I am looking forward to all the new and exciting connections and relationships we will make through our expedition. We can learn so much from one another, and I welcome the chance to do so.

Get in touch with me through our email or Instagram account on the ‘contact us’ page.  

My passions are:

  • Photography: Landscapes, architecture, portraits. It helps me share my view of the world!
  • Hiking: In a forest, on a mountain, along a valley and I’m happy! 
  • Fishing: Freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing, bait fishing, artificial lures; I’m hooked!
  • Scuba Diving: Reefs, wrecks, night diving and shark diving, I am always keen!
  • Traveling: Backpacking, trekking, train rides, tuk-tuks, and flights, moving from A to B to see, is my life’s adventure! 







The Backstory

 Watch this space… There is more to come. 🙂